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Wednesdays are Reserved

Wednesday is sacrosanct, untouchable, and reserved! I make no other plans or appointments on Wednesdays.  When the dentist’s office asks which days are good for me, my first response is” Never on a Wednesday.”  (Mmm…sounds like a movie, but that was “Never on a Sunday”.  Just my corny humor.)  That is my day for quilting, but not just quilting.  Laughter (lots of it), sharing photos (mostly of grandchildren), telling jokes (many not repeatable here), having lunch together (usually ordering something delicious from Panera’s), and generally having a fab day!  At 8:30 AM, I pack my car with assorted fabrics, patterns, and sewing paraphernalia and then head out to a sweet little quilt shop in the country, just 15 quick minutes from home.  Our class of 17 fills every inch of table space.  Who would think quilting, which, in some minds, evokes thoughts of elderly women bent over a quilt frame, would bring such pleasure?  Our leader, grand pooh bah, and holder of all quilting knowledge is our teacher, Kathy D., who pretty much can answer any question thrown at her with aplomb and a smile.  Kathy D. because there are four of them – Kathy’s, not teachers.  That was a BIG name way back when.  Wednesdays do bring joy into my life.

In the photo below, it’s break time on the screen porch at the cottage. What a perfect spot to quilt, overlooking Green Bay.

Find a group doing something that you enjoy.  It’s a “two fer” – make new friends while you are at it!  The very word “quilting” sounds like a post for women.  Not so!  There are well-known men in the world of quilting making a great living at it.   Form and math – both elements of quilting.   Engineers and architects have turned to quilting as a creative outlet for their skill sets.  Men in the art world have used fabric as a medium for ages.  Quilting is not rated “For Women Only”.

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