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The Rest of the Story

The other half of a very enjoyable weekend, aside from the art fair,  was that we made it into a mini-vacation.  The car was packed from top to bottom and end to end with photos, tent, and display.  We could barely squeeze in a few necessities, as in a change of outfits. We arrived two days early to kick back and chill out.  We are lucky enough to have a cottage that has been in the family for five generations and soon to be six. ( More about the sixth at a later date.)  It has an amazing wrap-around porch that looks out on Green Bay.  There was a chill in the air (5o degrees) when we awoke because it is June in Wisconsin.  The cure for that is to slump down in a captain’s chair on the porch, cup of steamy coffee in hand, and gaze out at the diamonds glittering on the Bay.  It’s a guaranteed blood pressure-reducer.

Groceries were purchased for breakfasts and lunches only.  It was a vacation, after all, and neither of us had any intention of cooking dinners.  Since television was invented, there has been a sacrosanct rule that no TV will cross the threshold of our cottage.  Horrors, you say!  Actually, I never miss it.  We played scrabble and gin rummy, listened to the Milwaukee Brewers’ games on the radio, and just generally relaxed.  Time flew by and suddenly it was Sunday, the day of the art show.  On Monday morning we headed for home, taking small byways instead of the Interstate.

“Wait!”, I said, as we were nearing home,   “I have a totally brilliant idea!”  Last week we discovered a bar and restaurant, Tello’s, in Port Washington where we had gone to listen to some blues outdoors.  I am usually a purist when it comes to margaritas, on the rocks, with no fancy blending.  Well, Tello’s makes an amazing mango margarita, on the rocks, with a salted rim.  Yum!  It was still Happy Hour when we arrived with Happy Hour prices for drinks and food.  Well, $4.95 for a gigantic burrito with a side of rice, and it was delicious.  One wouldn’t expect delicious for that price, but a true story.  A wonderful end to a wonderful weekend.  Plan a get-away, even if just for a night.  It refreshes the soul.



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