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Risky Behavior?

Practice what I preach, right? Take a Risk!  Take on a new challenge!  Enrich your life!   I did just that this past weekend.  I participated in a small, juried art fair in Menominee, MI, a sweet little town with a pretty harbor on Green Bay.  Yes, Green Bay as in Green Bay Packers, of which I am a huge fan, and have been since I was old enough to sit on my dad’s lap and cheer along with him as we watched that tiny TV.  Well, I cheered and he yelled at the set.  But I digress.  Choosing, developing, matting and framing photos to name just a few things… We had lists upon lists of things to do and get.  It has been crazy busy, but lots of fun.

What risk, you ask?  Firstly, submitting an application to a juried art fair is putting myself out there – the risk of not being accepted.  Then, crossing my fingers that some of my photos will be taken home and hung on someone’s wall.  Some did go home to be hung, I hope, in a place of importance.  I have to say the best part of the whole experience was meeting scores of new people and receiving quite a few sincere compliments about my work.  I must admit to having had a few misgivings and more than a little stress beforehand.  However, all was for naught!  It was amazingly enjoyable, and it will be repeated.  I hope to do more this summer.

So, you need not take on such a large project to take a risk.  Attempting anything new always has an element of risk attached to it.  Is there something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t gotten around to?  The satisfaction gained from learning a new skill, studying a new language, taking an art course, entering a quilt show…  Well, it is amazing how much pleasure it brings into one’s life.  Don’t delay.  Take that step before you change your mind.

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