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Visit this blog – veggiezest.  I discovered recipes for a trio of three different types of hummus and baba ganoush, typical dishes from the Middle East, in that blog.  Homemade is always preferable in my book.  I prepared two of them for Fathers’ Day because we were expecting guests and found both the classic hummus and the  baba ganoush to be delicious.  I served them with a multigrain, baked chip and carrot and celery sticks, which turned out to be perfect choices for dipping.  The preparation couldn’t be simpler with just a few ingredients.  I did tweak the hummus a little because the garlic flavor was a little strong for someone who shall remain anonymous. Not me!  I just threw some extra garbanzo beans, a little more olive oil and a little lemon juice into the Cuisinart and voila’!   That solved that issue.  Start out with one clove of garlic and gradually add more garlic to taste, if so desired.  Also salt to taste when all other ingredients are combined.   I did use canned garbanzos and found they worked well.  Find these recipes at

Hummus fulfills my promise for healthy but delicious food.  Here’s the healthy part.  Garbanzo beans, AKA chickpeas, are an excellent source of insoluble fiber, which means it stays with you “all the way through”.  Legumes seem to support intestinal health, reducing the risk of colon cancer.  They promote lower cholesterol, are low in calories and are filling.  They seem to be a friendly snack for diabetics because they help to regulate blood-sugar levels.  The olive oil in hummus is thought to be heart-healthy, promoting healthier blood clotting. ( The American Diabetes Assn., The American Heart Assn.  and the American Cancer Society all recommend legumes as a key to preventing disease and optimizing health.)

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