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A Self-professed Photography Nut

I am a self-professed photography nut.  The great thing about photography these days – well, there are several great things.  The digital age with the ability to toss away photos that don’t meet one’s standards, without the expense of developing film, is certainly a plus.  Then, there are so many choices of cameras that do amazing things without great expense.  Finally, there are quite a few choices of photo-editing programs, from the one that comes with your computer to Photoshop CS5.  If you haven’t acquired a digital camera, it’s a good time to get one.  Prices have certainly come down since they were first introduced.  Reading  “Consumer Reports” or other reviews can be very helpful.

Once I found myself with the photography bug, additional photographic equipment almost seemed to appear magically on my doorstep.  As I developed interests in landscape, macro, and wildlife photography, I needed a tripod, a larger backpack, new lenses, a remote cord…  Actually, of all my interests, this is the one that rings my bell.  We have matted and framed some of my photos, which is immensely pleasing to me.  Whatever you take photos of – granchildren or landscapes or…, frame and display them around your home.  They will be a great talking point for friends and relatives; compliments will come your way too.

Look for photography classes in your area.  A good place to start is your local university for continuing education classes.  You will find classes for beginners through more advanced classes.   I have taken several classes, some of which have been excellent.  Look for a Rocky Mountain School of Photography weekend.  They offer classes around the country and may come to your area.  I learned more at one of their weekend seminars than all of the other classes combined.  To repeat myself, this is a great hobby.  Take your camera wherever you go, as photo opps often appear unexpectedly.  I’d love to hear from all of you shutterbugs.


Farmers’ markets are great places for photo opps.  Take your camera along next time.

I encourage responses to my posts.  You will need to click on an individual post to find the reply box for that post.  Looking forward to hearing from you. ( Your email address will be requested, but will not be made public to anyone.)

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  1. D Dillon Bur #

    If your blog turns into a movie, you can’t take the title “Julie and Julia” as that’s been done. How about “Sue Me”??

    Hope you have fun with this new adventure. Dad would have enjoyed writing his own blog and I think you will too. You both have “good writing” in common!

    May 16, 2012
    • Hey, thanks, David. I’ll keep that title in mind!

      May 16, 2012
  2. Cindy Bur #

    I have checked out summer classes at the U and I just might sign up for a basic photo class that starts in two weeks. It does conflict with my other passion “So You Think You Can Dance”. But I am psyched to be a better photographer.

    May 18, 2012

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