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Tuesday Mornings Light up My Life

Tuesday mornings light up my life.  Truly.  An hour or so of an Italian lesson, followed by a latte and a chocolate cherry scone at Alterra Café by the Lake (Michigan).   Even more enjoyable to take lawn chairs and hike across the street with our purchases to sit, look at the lake, and sometimes do our Italian homework.   If it seems a small thing to bring joy, well, small things can bring  joy.  One just needs to look for those opportunities.

Prego, buongiorno, i biglietti, l’autobus (not a car), il secondo piatto!    When we first decided to learn a little Italian for a trip to Italy, my head was spinning with vocabulary and pronunciations.  My husband and I signed up for “Italian for Travelers” at our local university, which has continuing education classes (not for credit and quite a bit less expensive).   Believe me!  Learning another language in one’s sixties is definitely not like age 15 when one’s mind is a sponge.  Still I love it.  We’ve made new friends in our classes with whom we can practice and/or grouse about the homework.  Sound familiar, as in high school or college?  I was so impressed with the variety and the number of classes offered.  Chinese, photography, painting, computer skills…  The list seemed endless. Contact your local university or college for continuing education classes and enrich your life with new learning and new friends!

Well, that was four years ago.  We have taken a variety of Italian classes, participated in conversation groups, and also found tutors for just the two of us.  We continue because it is so much fun, and we know the challenge is important for our craniums (new learning is one of the ways to combat dementia).   Right now we have a tutor, Carmela, who is delightful, and so I look forward to Tuesday mornings.  My head still spins at times, but now it’s over verb tenses like congiuntivo and condizionale.  Go ahead and try a class in something new!  If you find something particularly interesting or fun, let me know!  I might try it too.

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