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Diving In – Head First

Here I go…diving head-first into the world of blogging at the urging of one my daughters.  Why “booming back” you ask?   Because baby boomers are booming back with a vengeance. We are not, as Dylan Thomas wrote, going “gentle into that good night”.   When I was a young adult, literally, sixty-somethings groused at me from their couches about how OLD they were. I couldn’t envision ever being THAT old.  Of course, I knew deep down inside that it was inevitable, but I pledged never to complain about my age and never to become an old couch potato.  Each year more than 3.5 million baby boomers turn 55.  We are more interested in staying healthy and being active than past generations.   We have gym memberships, enter marathons, travel to parts unknown, learn foreign languages, take classes at universities, learn to play musical instruments…   The list of possibilities is endless.  So…I plan to blog about cooking and eating healthfully (but deliciously), finding activities to challenge the mind, and discovering interests that bring joy and pleasure.  In three little words, enriching your life.  So look for blogs to entice you into trying new foods with recipes, ideas for new “learnings” and new ways to bring pleasure and hopefully joy into your life.  I encourage your thoughts and reactions to my blogs.  New ideas are also welcome.  Please respond!

Cooking and baking are two of my passions.  Fall to spring is the season for cruciferous vegetables.   You may ask, as I did, cruciferous what?  A small article in a magazine piqued my interest.  After researching several vegetables in that family, I discovered so many health benefits that I found a place to start.  I promise…delicious recipes only!

I encourage responses to my posts.  You will need to click on an individual post to find the reply box for that post.  Looking forward to hearing from you. ( Your email address will be requested, but will not be made public to anyone.)