Try this Tonight – Lemon Herb Roasted Salmon

As promised in my last post, the recipe for that yummy salmon in the photo.  The days of summer are dwindling, so take advantage of this time to grill out.  Invite neighbors or friends to share a delicious meal with grilled salmon as the centerpiece.  Dine al fresco on the patio.  There really is nothing… Continue reading Try this Tonight – Lemon Herb Roasted Salmon

Add Swiss Chard to Your Grocery List

Color, color everywhere!  At least at your farmers’ market.  Each month in summer your market has a freshly-picked bounty, just waiting for your arrival.  June brings luscious, red strawberries, crisp green beans, and many dark, leafy greens, like spinach and kale.  July brings summer squash, early sweet corn, plump blueberries…  August is truly the best… Continue reading Add Swiss Chard to Your Grocery List

Soup in August? Yes, If It’s Fifty Degrees!

I have been remiss!  I have been back “Up North” to spend time with a favorite aunt and cousins, all of whom I rarely have an opportunity to see.  The time flew by, and I did no posting while there.  After this ungodly hot summer, the weather was actually quite cool, as in donning winter… Continue reading Soup in August? Yes, If It’s Fifty Degrees!

Quinoa Revisited

I am somewhat entranced with quinoa after having discovered its delicious nutty taste and many health benefits.  So, behold an original, healthy recipe which could double as a salad for a luncheon or as a main course.  (See my post, “Goldilocks Had the Right Idea” for the health benefits of quinoa.)  Serve it at room… Continue reading Quinoa Revisited

Still in the North Woods

Still in the North woods.  No, not still as in moonshine.  Dashing your hopes for a moonshine recipe? Merely still on vacation.  Still “up north”, as we say in the Midwest.   We are among the fortunate to be owners of what we fondly call “the cottage”, a beautiful, old summer home built around 1889 and… Continue reading Still in the North Woods

A Dearth of Italian

Mamma mia!  This must be withdrawal.  Tuesday mornings are bringing a sense of purposelessness.  I find myself wandering aimlessly on Tuesday AM’s without direction.  No Italian lessons for a month now and two more weeks to go!  To say nothing of missing the stops, post lesson, at Alterra for a latte and a scone.  With… Continue reading A Dearth of Italian

A Perfect Salad for Those Hot Nights

Perfect in two ways. This salad with an Asian flavor says summer nights. The slightly sweet and tangy dressing is yummy combined with the noodles, crisp sugar snaps and grilled chicken. Reason #2. Prepare this salad early before the heat of the day arrives. Refrigerate and all that will be left to do at the… Continue reading A Perfect Salad for Those Hot Nights

Roasted Sweet Peppers with Spiced Quinoa

A savory recipe for quinoa as promised.  Although we are not vegetarians, we did dine as such last night.  No meat in sight but quite satisfying all the same.  Stuffed peppers, roasted cauliflower steaks (see recipe in my blog), and a crisp, green romaine salad.  It made for a beautiful plate with opposing reds and… Continue reading Roasted Sweet Peppers with Spiced Quinoa